Below are works on the writing board (I’m not much of an artist, so “drawing board” didn’t feel appropriate). They’re in various states of completion, ranging from fully outlined/plotted with chapters written to just outlined. And yes they’re in order of anticipated release.

Corrupted Mortal Vessel

Status: March release

As if demons weren’t bad enough, imagine one possessed by something even worse.

Being a corrupted mortal vessel in Lilith’s service, Jack has two jobs. The first is feeding Lilith’s children, the incubi and succubi — the fun job. The second is protecting them, something he doesn’t have to do often.

When a succubus goes missing, Jack is pulled into action, and his happy-go-lucky existence takes a turn for the serious. Thanks to a doomsday cult, the missing succubus is possessed by a nether god — a being neither of heaven or hell. It plans to consume all living things on Earth. Complicating his rescue mission are monster-killing mercenaries who consider Jack and his possessed succubus nothing more than bounties for the taking.

Cute Little Fairies

Plotting/ Conceptual Status: Plotted/outlined 100%.

First Draft Status: 24% of anticipated 190 pages


These fairies are cute, until they’re not. A sheriff finds himself having to defend his town against a new invasive species; one that has no respect for the law.

Fresh Meat (title tentative) Book Six of The Wielder Series

Plotting/Conceptual Status: Plotted/outlined 40%

First draft status: Chapter One written. 2% of approximately 230 pages.


Arthur MacInerny, The Wielder, has to contend with a new body, new summonlings, additional responsibilities, and the innate urge to reap souls.


Plotting/Conceptual Status: Outlined/plotted 80%. Ongoing research into various conspiracy theories and paranormal activities.

First draft status: Not begun.


A remote viewer finds himself tasked with much more than just viewing and reporting. Multiple conspiracies come to life and the grim truth of life’s origin on earth is exposed.

Revenge of the Baxters

Plotting/Conceptual Status: 100% outlined

First Draft Status: 97 pages of an anticipated 190 pages.


After Bob and Betty Baxter are brutally murdered in a gang initiation, they are offered the opportunity to return to Earth to exact their revenge thanks to a new joint initiative between Heaven and Hell. Of course, hell is involved so there’s got to be catch, right?

Last Knight

Conceptual/Outlining Status: 100% outlined, subject to re-outlining.

First Draft Status: 154 pages of an anticipated 230 pages


After the apocolypse, a survivor hopes to make his way to a fabled city that the demons can not enter. No zombies. No viruses. No quarter given.

Hell’s Belle

Plotting/Conceptual Status: No outline, doing this one by the seat of my pants. That said, I know beginning, middle, and end.

First Draft Status: 87 pages, not outlined but it feels over half done.


Rick Randall’s girlfriend isn’t like most – you might say she’s not from around here.

This project started after an email exchange discussing what’s considered trope relating to succubi fiction. The goal was to include every one of the “been done” points and twist them into an entertaining story that doesn’t feel “trope” as much. This one mostly lives on a tablet and gets written on while waiting for to-go food orders. Don’t be in a hurry for it.