I’m David, the guy that writes this stuff.


It was so dreamy … I could be a writer. I’d write stuff, put it out there and people will love it. Yeah, right. That came to a screaming, crashing halt after I distributed the first version of “The Wielder: Betrayal.” I learned so much, not the least of which is writing is a team effort. That work (Betrayal) has since been through three editors, me numerous times and even with that, it’s not perfect.

I learned that writing is a craft, a business even. That’s why the name of my site is so grammatically incorrect — in honor of my beginnings.

Oh yeah I learned never send your “masterwork” to your writing idol. Crap, I’m still embarrassed.

I’ll spare you the details of how much I’ve learned and am still learning. Just know, that early on I wanted to share a tale. Now, today, I still do.

And am.


As a self-published writer(er), there are so many roles to play – author, marketer, procurer of talent for editing and cover design. But all of that and the processes for delivering a quality product you, the reader, should be invisible.

My goal is to leave you moved by the story and characters. I’m striving for new takes on old tropes, and even hoping to bring something that, if not completely original is at least a fresh enough take that it feels original.

This writerer’s goal is to entertain you.